Welcome to the CSS Web Design Blog!

This blog will be dedicated primarily to CSS and (X)HTML coding tips and issues as well as things like Photoshop tips and more general design related topics and tutorials. It will include coverage of browser bugs, quirks and work arounds. I will try to cover a range of topics within these areas, striving to include lesser known information instead of just re-hashing already wide spread topics.

About Me:

I originally started doing web design and coding while living in Japan. (I planned and taught an HTML class for the Tokyo PC Users Group.) I am self-taught in CSS/(X)HTML coding and web design although I have a B.A. in Fine and Applied Arts from the University of Oregon. I’ve been coding tableless CSS layouts since 2001.

The intended audience for this blog is web designers and developers or anyone interested in learning more about CSS, HTML and web design.

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  1. Awesome! Can I add this blog on my blogroll? Basically I collate info about web design and web development then post them on my blog.


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