Photoshop CS Layer Styles: Soft Interface Collection

I uploaded 3 Photoshop layer styles designed to be used together to create soft-edged interfaces. Download them from the “Goodies” section of my home page here:

Soft Interface Example Soft Interface Button Example Soft Interface Indent Example

Use the “Soft Interface” style to create an interface shape. This style works with a variety of colors or shades of grey. (Works best with mid-range tones.) Then use the soft button style to create buttons to go with the interface you created. Looks nice with buttons using the same color as the interface but experiment with different colors depending on the effect you are after. The final layer style in the collection is the “Soft Indent” style which you can use to further dress up your interface. Add 1 pixel horizontal lines or 1 pixel “dots” on a new layer about the interface shape you created. It doesn’t matter what color you make these lines. They will take on the color of the underlying interface layer.

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